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    • Our president is a huge piece of shit 2 hours ago
    • I just really can't stress how incredible last night was. The only way they could have topped it for me would be fluffhead to encore 4 hours ago
    • Im telling everyone at work about last nights show and they're just not getting it 4 hours ago
    • Hey folks, I need an extra for tonight. If you know someone getting rid of one, lemme know! 5 hours ago
    • Woah Woke up and realized that wasn't a dream 5 hours ago

http://ping.fm/p/QKEAK – Head

Backstage with railroad earth
http://ping.fm/p/j20Go – Backstage with railroad earth

Altman on bass and baloons on vox
http://ping.fm/p/j2NVK – Altman on bass and baloons on vox

http://ping.fm/p/kiuGU – Delkitty