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    • New @TomSegura special is 🔥🔥🔥. He really wears the Jeans when it comes to comedians. 4 days ago
    • The host of @hqtrivia, @ScottRogowsky keeps making Dead and Phish references tonight. Classic. 5 days ago
    • Trying the whole playing sober thing tonight. We’re at Boontunes in Boonton NJ 1 week ago
    • I think I’ve avoided wook flu by not sharing Dab rigs, joints, and bowls (since I don’t smoke weed currently). Same went for the dozen 2 weeks ago
    • Can’t believe I got to see Phish 17 times this year. That’s 4 percent of my year spent seeing ‘em. Probably won’t ever get to do that again 2 weeks ago

http://ping.fm/p/QKEAK – Head


Backstage with railroad earth
http://ping.fm/p/j20Go – Backstage with railroad earth

Altman on bass and baloons on vox
http://ping.fm/p/j2NVK – Altman on bass and baloons on vox

http://ping.fm/p/kiuGU – Delkitty